Mødereferat Fra IIRSC d. 17. marts 2017

                  MEETING MINUTES March 17, 2017

A meeting of the International Irish Setter Club was held in France, at the Hotel du Clos de Mutigny, La Chaussee sur Marne, Friday, 17 March 2017.

The meeting began at 18.30 o'clock.

Attended at the meeting:

- for Argentina: Mr. Federico CATTANEO;
- for France: Mr Jean Pierre GOTTI, Mr. Claude BEUCHERIE; Mr. Ludovic IUCHS
- for Germany: Mr. Bernd GIMBEL, Mr. Andreas JOCKWIG;
- for Ireland: Mr. Raymond O'DWYER;
- for Italy: Mr. Angelo BRISA, Mr. Stefano LORENZINI;
- for the Netherlands: Mr. Gérard MIRCK;
- for Switzerland: Mr Jean Pierre MONNERAT and Mr.Guido ORSAN.

Join Meeting, without the right to vote, the President of Ukraine Official Irish Setter Club, Mr. Anatoliy GOLUBECHENKO.

Secretary of the meeting: Cesare Maurizio VALVO.

Meeting agenda:

1. Cooperation Agreement FCI - IIRSC - IRSC
2. IIRSC logo
3. Organization 1st Championship of Europe on snipes 2017 in Ireland

Vice president:
4. IIRSC.com new website

5. Application for membership of the Irish Setter Club of Norway
6. Application for membership of the Irish Setter Club of Denmark
7. Membership fee IIRSC 2017

Club Denmark
8. Proposed amendment to FCI Standard

Italian Club:
9. Organization of the 2nd Hunting Practice Championship of Europe2017 - Italy

10. Any other issue


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